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Where business owners take the reins to their own digital world.

Learn the basics or go to the next level.

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The coaching program was created to help new and experienced business owners, from all industries, to gain confidence and knowledge of all things digital. Whether you're just beginning and need to know how to set up your business or have something existing that needs to be revamped, the coaching program will answer all of your questions.  

The basic solutions to be worked on:

Provide advice on new plans and strategies

Keep you accountable and motivated

Better understand your vision and goals

Assess your strengths and weaknesses

Help develop a business from inception

Assist in utilizing your personal skills for growth

Guiding in the completion of design

Establish methods for improvement

Coaching Packages begin at $300 a session.

Each session will include the following:


This is the daily assessment of tasks needing completed or a follow up on those given previously.


We'll walk through how to accomplish your business needs so you'll be prepared for the future.


This is where you take over, but you're not alone. Follow through is what coaching is for.

Areas of Coaching

Business Setup

Web design

Social Media

basic bookkeeping



Meet Your Coach


With a background including brand and client management, Jonathan has broad knowledge of maintaining and growing a successful business. With over 15 years in the beauty industry, Jonathan has been a part of the journey for many hair and makeup artists, creating partnerships and connections with some of the industries leading management and public relation firms. Jonathan has coordinated and developed digital campaigns, streamlined company practices, and been a central member of troubleshooting daily roadblocks. He has worked with local business and global brands, continuing to gain knowledge and offer support where needed. With an attention to detail for both clientele and internal matters, Jonathan is able to ensure your business is well taken care of.

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