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Meet Jonathan

Jonathan's journey in the digital marketing space began over 15 years ago, fueled by a passion for brand and design management. An integral part of the beauty world, he embarked on a creative odyssey, forming partnerships, launching brands, and connecting with other industries. His story is one of digital ingenuity and problem-solving, navigating the intricacies of website and storefront management while coordinating impactful digital campaigns for local businesses and global brands.


From developing websites and marketing materials, Jonathan went on to consult with small and independent business on taking their brick and mortar locations to online spaces.

Let's talk process:

Discovery Session: Understand Your Business DNA

  • Uncover your unique business aspects

  • Identify long-term goals and values

Digital Readiness Assessment: Evaluate Current Status

  • Assess current online presence, if any

  • Identify gaps, strengths, and areas for improvement

  • Evaluate your current digital  infrastructure


Tailored Strategy Development: Craft a Digital Roadmap

  • Develop a personalized digital strategy aligned with business goals

  • Identify key online platforms and channels

  • Define target audience and online brand persona

Digital Skill Building: Equip for the Digital World

  • Provide training on essential digital tools and platforms

  • Guidance on content creation, branding, and communication

  • Enhance digital literacy for effective online engagement

Website Development: Optimization

  • Optimize for search engines (SEO) and user experience

  • Implement e-commerce functionalities if applicable


Social Media Presence: Amplify the Content Strategy

  • Develop a social media plan aligned with the brand

  • Provide content creation guidelines for various platforms

  • Implement strategies for audience engagement and growth


Monitoring Improvement: Sustain and Grow

  • Set up analytics to monitor digital performance.

  • Conduct regular reviews to assess strategy effectiveness.

  • Iterate and adjust the digital approach based on insights.

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